Hi, I’m Joanne! This is me and my husband, David and our baby boy, Jason.

I am a Chinese mama, with an Italian last name, living in a Canadian world! I am an Interior Designer currently on maternity leave. I live in a suburb of Vancouver, BC with my husband and our half Chinese/quarter Italian/ quarter Scandinavian baby boy. I am a Jesus-believin’, spit-up wearin’, list-lover who loves all things neutral and Googling things. I also love witty one-liners and The Wheel of Fortune.

David and I grew up together, dated for four-ish years, decided we liked each other and got married. We were married for about a year and a half when we thought, “hey, it’s getting kind of quiet around here, why not make it interesting and have kids?” So here we are!

I didn’t know much about babies until I became an aunt four-ish years ago. Then, I became a mom, and I realized I REALLY didn’t know much about babies.

So, as David and I navigate through the early years of marriage and try to raise a little human together, I am going to try to document it so we can laugh/ cry about all our challenges/ successes/ failures down the road. This blog is a reflection of the good days and bad days as David and I experience the many “firsts” in marriage and parenthood.