Jason’s Schedule at 9.5 Months

In my last post,  I talked about learning to let go of perfection and just accepting the things I can’t change,  which has always been hard for me…and especially now in Motherhood.

I feel like anytime we feel like we are starting to figure J out and get into a rhythm with him,  he changes again.

And naturally,  as soon as I wrote my last few posts on Jason’s routines and eating habits,  he changed again.

This morning when Jason cried out for us at quarter to 6,  I rolled over and said, “Ughhhh Daveee, what am I doing wrong?!” And David (graciously) said, “nothing.” And I found that SO encouraging.

Every day is a battle for me in just constantly,constantly trying to learn to roll with the punches and some days are more successful than others.

And isn’t just so funny how God creates parenthood to be like this… Like, BOOM you’re a parent.  Ok… Ok… Got it…wait, things are making sense.  Then BOOM,  sleep regression.  Then out of sleep regression,  then BOOM,  teething.  BOOM sickness,  BOOM another sleep regression.  What?!

And yet somehow, we have survived and here we are,  at 9.5 months. Jason has 1.5 teeth (finally),  eats more solid food, and as dropped 1 nap. He is napping decently,  and while still sleeping “well” through the night,  not as great as he was.  And most days, I don’t know if we are in a sleep regression,  or teething,  or just plain normal. But again,  I’m learning to be okay with that and not NEED to have all the answers.

Now at 9.5 months, Jason naps twice a day, has total day sleep of anywhere from 2-3.5 hours and total night sleep between 10-11 hours. He  has anywhere from 22-28 oz of formula a day and has 3 “stage 2” meals a day.  (And despite my initial hesitation, and initially starting with pureed foods, I am now on-board with baby-led-weaning.  (more on that on another post).

Here is what a typical “good”  day looks like for us:

6:00am: Wake-up and J has a 6-8 oz bottle
7:30am: Breakfast (Usually a scrambled egg, fruit, and grain)
8:30am: Nap
10:00/10:30am: Wake-up and 6 oz bottle
12:00pm: Lunch (Usually a protein, vegetable, and grain)
1:00/1:30/2:00pm: Nap
3:00/3:30pm: Wake up and 6 oz bottle
5:00/5:30pm: Dinner (Usually a protein, vegetable, and grain)
6:00/6:30pm: Bedtime routine/ bottle/bed

This all adjusts and shifts,  depending on when Jason wakes up for the day,  and also when he wakes from naps. I generally keep his feed times the same. I struggle with the fact that it is hard to plan “outings” because of this, but am hoping we nail down a more consistent schedule soon.

The biggest thing I have changed from our last “schedule”, is staggering his bottles and meals.  I used to stack them and found that Jason would not drink as much milk during the day,  which I knew was important.

Anyways,  still trying to figure out how and why we can get Jason to sleep in past 5:30/6:00am. I am hoping that one of these days, our day shifts to a more 7:00am-7:00pm day.  I have tried, and failed, but perhaps it’s one of those things that’ll just work itself out if we stay consistent with sleep training,  etc.

But in all seriousness,  moving Jason to an earlier bedtime,  once he dropped his third nap,  has been the best thing for him and has allowed Jason to sleep 11-12 hours a night, consistently. Before we dropped the last nap, he was only getting around 10 hours a night. So despite early nights in, and 6:00am wake ups,  I feel better knowing Jason is getting more sleep.  Oh the sacrifices we make!! 😉

Anyways,  will be back another time if we make any more progress on this.  Until then ✌️!


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