VIDEO: Jason’s First Experience w/ REAL Food (4.5 Months)


Hi all!

Sorry it has been a bit quiet on the blog front the last couple weeks. David and I (and Jason) took a little vacation to Arizona last week to “enjoy” some sun and 40+ degree weather! David and I actually took the same trip for our honeymoon and safe to say, it was a lot more low-key, this time, with a baby! AND also prior to the vacay, David and I decided to rearrange our office and so I was unable to edit my video for this post! BUT here it is!

At just shy of 4.5 months, Jason started to really show an interest in REAL food and would watch intently anytime we ate in front of him. At our 4 month appointment, our doctor gave us the go-ahead to start J on real food, if we wanted to do so, since he WAS showing interest and was able to sit up fairly well, when supported.

I was really hesitant to do this because we were set to head to Hawaii at around the 4.5 mark and I really didn’t want to have to worry about packing food (on top of bottles and formula). BUT David and I were also super excited to let J try food and just decided to go for it one afternoon because we couldn’t wait to see J’s reaction.

We decided his first foods would be avocado and banana, so we tried a little bit of both for his first time eating. (I know, I know. This isn’t 100% ideal as I know you’re only supposed to try ONE food at a time, but we were just so excited!)

Also, the reason we decided on avocado was because we heard that it would be a good “first” food for a formula-fed baby – it is easy to mash, and it is quite bland. The banana was also a hit, as it was a bit sweeter (apparently a great first food for breastfed babies, because of this!). It’s funny because now, at 8 months, Jason LOVES avocado and banana!

So without further ado, here is the video of J trying food for the first time!



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