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Hola! If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve recently seen my Spring Wreath project. When I did it, I promised a deviation (is that a word?) from my usual baby posts and promised a DIY on it…so here we are!

(I originally got this idea from my sister-in-law when she made a Fall wreath for their place. The wreath you will see me using is APPARENTLY called a “grapevine” wreath. It is awesome because you can use it as a base for all your wreaths, for every season. You just pull out the decor you currently have, and replace as needed for the season. Super easy and economical!!)

A few weeks ago, when the sun decided to start making an appearance in Vancouver, I decided my next “project” at home would be our front porch. Our porch isn’t very large, probably about 8’x8′, if I had to guess. Up until now, it has only had two black, metal chairs, that I bought from Home Depot a couple Summers ago. I bought the chairs, plopped them down, got a $2 doormat from Ikea and called it a day. For the amount of time we USE our porch, it hasn’t been a huge priority for us to put any work into it, but anytime the sun shows up, I am always SUPER motivated to be outside and using what outdoor space we DO have.

Our porch has a long way to go, despite this AWESOME (lol) wreath, but I am PUMPED because a) I feel like said wreath adds A LOT since it is the first thing you see when walking up to the door and because b) DIYs don’t usually agree with me (I mentioned this in my insta-stories, that while I am a DIY-lover, I usually tend to mess them up and have to beg David to come to my rescue. NOT THIS TIME…meaning this DIY is suppppper easy.) and okay because c) said wreath looks flippin’ legit.

So without further ado, here we go…


-1 x 18″ Grapevine Wreath (I purchased mine from Michael’s last year, for my own Fall wreath).
-4-5 x Misc. Foliage Branches (I set out looking for eucalyptus-like foliage, because I feel like they add a ton of dimension!)
-1-2 x Flowers
-Scissors and/ or Pliers

These are the supplies I started with (minus the “tools”):



The BEST thing about this DIY is you just snip and stick, and you’re done!
See my steps below.

Step 1: Snip bottom half off of foliage bunch so that you are able to play with the smaller pieces, freely. HOWEVER, don’t snip off too much, as you want some room to be able to weave the bottom part through the wreath.


Step 2: Pick where you want the foliage to go and weave foliage piece through, until it holds/ looks the way you want!

As you can see, I chose to put my pieces just along the left side, to give it a more asymmetrical look. I made it fuller near the center, and less full as I went so it would look “tapered.”


Step 3: Add flower(s)…if you want! If you want to do the full-foliage wreath, this step is optional and you’re DONE. Easy peasy. If you are adding flowers…keep going!

Here you can see I am finding branches within the wreath to weave my flower through, so that it holds!


After THAT, you pretty much just play around with it until you are happy with the final product, and voila…you’re all done! A Spring Wreath!


As mentioned above, this wreath is great because it is SO easy to just swap out the decor for each season. I haven’t 100% decided yet, BUT I will probably keep this one going for a while, because well…I LOVE how it turned out!! If you attempt this DIY, post below and share how yours turned out!! I’d love to see!


If you made it through all these photos, you might notice that I did this DIY on our garage floor (or maybe you didn’t notice and I am just bringing attention to it…) and you might be asking yourself why. You see, I was SO excited to come home and do this little project, but JUST as I got home, J fell asleep and no way was that going to stop me from getting my DIY on!! He woke up about halfway through to supervise…and he approved.




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