How to Make Your Own Baby Food

At our 4 month checkup, our doctor asked us if Jason had taken an interest in food yet. (To which we answered: sort of.) At that point, he was JUST starting to watch us intently when we ate. We decided to wait a couple more weeks before starting him on food…so around the 4.5 month mark.

The first foods we tried with J were banana and avocado and while he was a little unsure about it at first, he took to it VERY quickly and has never looked back.

When we first started introducing solids, J would eat “breakfast” and “dinner” (where he would eat about a tablespoon or so at each “meal”), along with his 4 – 8 ounce bottles, spread throughout the course of the day. It was only about a couple weeks ago that J started to not finish his bottles, that I decided to introduce lunch, and cut down his lunch bottle by half. He has taken to this super well. I know this might not be 100% recommended, as people say formula/ milk is the priority. However, I’ve read that 6/7 month old babies should get AT LEAST 24 ounces a day so even with doing that, J is still getting 28 ounces a day so I think we are okay!

As for J’s food, in the beginning, we were fairly careful about introducing things slowly, the way it is recommended (ie. waiting 3-4 days after each “new food” and watching for any allergic reactions before moving onto the next item).

Now 3 months later, J eats a wide array of different vegetables and fruit mixed with things like chicken, baby cereal, rice, quinoa, or tofu.

I will post some recipe ideas in another post, but for now, I wanted to share our “process”.

However…before I jump into it, I want to mention that I am not a store-bought baby food snob. I get them from time to time and LOVE how convenient they are and love the fact that they don’t need to be refrigerated when you are on the go. However, because we usually have a bottle bag with us anyway, it is not a huge hassle for us to keep things refrigerated while on-the-go.

Price-wise, I have found making our own food to be much cheaper. With that being said, while there are some really expensive varieties of baby food, I have seen some brands out there that are quiet comparable in price to making your own. Personally, I like to make our own because despite the fact that there might be no “junk” in certain companies’ products, I still think that fresh is best and TRY to stick to this when we can.

Our recipes basically consist of what I can find in our fridge…haha just kidding. But seriously…a HUGE plus of making your own food is that it is a GREAT way to use up your veggies/ fruits – haha! Don’t worry, I’m not giving J rotten food!! But seriously, sometimes when I have 1 carrot left, or a couple apples, or some broccoli…I just chop it all up and see what happens! So far so good.

I try and use a combination of fruit/ veggies/ protein/grain when I can.

This week, this is what we used.



See below for our “process”!

Step 1: Peel the fruits and/ or veggies


Step 1.5: Cook the quinoa WHILE you chop the veggies
(I sometimes use rice, or leave this out altogether, again…depending on what we have!)

For quinoa, I do a 1:2 ratio of quinoa to broth, and then add water as needed. (Also, I sometimes just use water, if I don’t have broth on hand!)


Step 2: Chop the fruits and/ or veggies, and put in pot. Fill pot with water and bring to a boil. You can also steam them.

Note: don’t boil for too long as it gets everything too water-logged and everything turns out too watery when pureed.

(People say steaming is better because you don’t lose all the nutrients in the water. I like to use some of the water when I blend the food, so I am thinking this is sort of acceptable…haha!)


Step 3: Put all the food in blender and blend.

Here you can see I am keeping the pot of remaining water close-by, because I add water as needed to achieve the consistency I want. Err on the side of caution with this as I would always make it way too watery in the beginning!


Step 4: Add grain and blend to desired consistency


And voila!

Once I reach this point, I let it cool and divide. I usually put 1/4 of puree in the fridge in a tupperware, 1/4 of puree in ice cube trays in the freezer, and use 1/2 of the puree in food pouches. (I use the Infantino squeeze pouches/ fill station sold at Walmart, and love it!)

This whole process usually takes about 45-60 minutes, and the food lasts us about a week. Again, I am not a store-bought food snob, but I really enjoy being able to do this and will try and keep it up for as long as I can!

That’s all for now. Happy puree-ing!


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