How to Organize Your Baby Clothes

Before I became a mom, I would walk by baby stores and ooh and aah at all the cute, little clothes that I would ONE DAY dress my baby in. Fast-forward to actually becoming a mom, and realizing HOW FAST babies grow…I realized that it probably isn’t wise to blow TONS of $$ on baby clothes. Still…sometimes, I am VERY tempted. BUT because David and I have been very, very blessed with many generous friends and family we haven’t really HAD to.

I remember ooh-ing and aah-ing at all of the outfits we were given at our showers…and thinking, “oh my goodness, a real person is going to be wearing these!!”.When I got home and first started putting away baby clothes, I buttoned up every single button and folded everything into pretty, perfect little piles. That was, of course, until we HAD a baby and I realized that babies go through MULTIPLE shirts/ outfits a day and if I continued my little buttoning/ folding routine, I would be stuck putting away Jason’s clothes indefinitely and WHO HAS GOT THE TIME?

I quickly realized that wouldn’t work and I resorted to folding shirts in half (if that) and stuffing it into our dresser drawers. As for sleepers, and button-down shirts, I basically do the MINIMUM, aka one button, just so that the sleeper or shirt, stays on the hanger – because seriously, before you know it, you’re pulling it out of the dresser/ pulling it off the hanger again.


I found that a lot of the presents we received in the beginning were mostly in sizes 0-6 months. Because of we have limited space, I had to figure out how to organize things in the space we had/ have.

I have found the best system for us is as follows:
-shirts/ onesies: “folded” in dresser
-socks/ bibs/ washcloths: in little bins inside dresser drawers
-button-down shirts/ hoodies: hung in closet
-sleepers: hung in closet


Now that Jason is 7 months, I started worrying that we might actually have to buy clothes now that Jason has outgrown a lot of the 6 month clothing we initially received. BUT lucky for Jason, I also have two very organized sister-in-laws, with boys, who continuously put aside clothes for me and replenish our stash as Jason grows…(woohoo!). But because one of J’s cousins is 2 years older (the other is 3 months older), sometimes the clothes we get are bigger than we need. Because of that, and because babies grow so fast, I’ve had to figure out a system to organize all of Jason’s itty bitty clothes. Since we just got a new “shipment” from my sister-in-laws, I felt like it would be great so share how we stay organized and this is how…

Anytime we receive new clothes, I organize things by size.

Here is a photo of Jason “helping” me organize our new “shipment” of clothes the other day.

Once things are organized by size, I put them in little bins and label them accordingly. (I purchased these plastic shoe boxes from Superstore, and found that they work great because they stack great, and they fit the little clothes just fine!)

Each box is labeled, according to size.

I make a few of these boxes, based on the batch of clothes we have, and stash them away for when we need them.

These are the labeled boxes of clothes, awaiting their turn!

But with growing into new clothes, Jason is outgrowing them just as fast and we needed a system for that too! I’ve seen moms who organize outgrown clothes on hangers, but because we don’t have TONS of hanging space, I borrowed a less glamorous, but EFFICIENT, way of handling things from my sister-in-law. Two words. Diaper boxes!!

What’s so revolutionary about these boxes, you ask? I separate them by size, gender, and family, depending on who gave it to us, just in case they need it again before we do!

Jason helping me sort out his outgrown clothes.

Once Jason moves up to the next size, I tape up the current box, label it, and start a new box.

A new box, waiting for clothes!

While it isn’t revolutionary, I have found this system to be SO easy because we ALWAYS have new diaper/ wipes boxes, so it is SUPER easy to do. Once Jason outgrows something, I wash it and toss it in the bin and move on. Easy peasy.

You might think, so what? How many baby clothes do you REALLY go through in 6 months? Answer: more than you think.

The boxes of clothes Jason has outgrown from birth until now.

So, there you have it, folks! Happy organizing!



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