Nursery Tour: Our $500 Nursery

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on my links and buy something mentioned in this post, I will receive a percentage of the sale. I only recommend products that I would personally use!

When people find out I am an Interior Designer, they tell me, “Wow, your house must be beautiful!” And I smile and say, “it’s a work-in-progress.” Because it is. When I worked on projects at work (ie. model homes, reception areas, etc.) we would get insane budgets to make spaces beautiful so that developers would be able to sell the WHOLE project based on that “beautiful” space (at times, 100+ homes, a low-rise, a high-rise, etc.) so sure, it makes sense that developers have thousands of dollars to invest into it. Meanwhile, David and I DO NOT have thousands of dollars to spend making our house photoshoot-ready, so it really is a work-in-progress.

Jason’s nursery is not exempt from this “work-in-progress”, and I have a strong suspicion that a work-in-progress it will stay until baby #2 comes along and he has to give up the nursery decor.

This is our nursery:


It’s simple, but it works. Also, it cost us $565 and I am SUPER proud of THAT! (Okay, like seriously, sometimes at work, we would get budgets to spend double that on a light fixture…so again, my real-life is very different!!)

Crib & Mattress:
IKEA “Gulliver” – $50 off of Craigslist (they even threw in a Bumbo for us!!) + $40 for a mesh bumper
Note: I know, people say you’re not supposed to re-use mattresses, but because we bought it off of grandparents who only used the crib when their grandkids came over, we decided it was okay. Also, would HIGHLY recommend this mesh bumper product by BreathableBaby, which has a low SIDS risk. I didn’t get one at first, but J kept getting his arms stuck and since we have bought it, he has slept GREAT.

Art Prints:
2 x IKEA “Ribba” Frames w/ DIY Art – $40
DIY for this coming down the road…

Rocking Horse:
$15 off of Craigslist + $0 for leftover paint (thanks David for the free labour!!)

Change Table:
IKEA “Kallax” – $99 + $66 for extra doors/ knobs + $50 for baskets + $0 change pad I scored from a model home. You can find a similar, inexpensive, one here.
Note: I went to Ikea’s kitchen section and bought these knobs and replace the knobs that the Kallax comes with. When I was researching change tables, I got the general consensus that you don’t really use change tables for very long. Now that Jason is 7+ months, I know why. Jason is a BIG wiggle worm, and because I have already let him roll of the bed once, I am hyper-aware of when we put him on high tables, etc. The change pad was great for when he was a baby-BABY, because it kept him in one place. It isn’t AS useful now that he is bigger and moving, but I would still recommend it as it is MUCH nicer to change him at counter height, rather than on the floor because THAT can start to give you backpain after a while! So with that being said, I knew that I didn’t want to get a dedicated change table, but rather, a dresser/ change table combo. I ended up seeing an idea for using the IKEA Kallax unit as a change table on Pinterest and LOVED it. I saw someone that had done a hack and added legs, but as you can see, ours doesn’t have legs because it worked WAY better for me at 5′-1″ to leave it leg-less. 

Mirror & Ledges:
IKEA – $45

Urban Barn Lamp – $0
Note: I received this lamp as a gift in a loot bag when I used to work at UB!

Rocking Chair:
IKEA Rocking Chair (no longer sold) –  $25 off of a bidding wars site + $20 spray paint
Note: the chair seat was custom-made by an upholsterer that our firm worked with, so he made it for me, for free…score!

Stump Table:
Made for us by our lovely friends who knew I was obsessed with stump tables (!!) – $0

Wal-Mart Rug – $40

IKEA “Merete” – $40 for pair + $30 in alterations + $10 (ish) for rod
Note: 100% recommend DARK curtains for the nursery!

Bassinet & Rocker:
Moses Basket – $10 off of Craigslist w/ $25 custom made cushion off of Etsy and $15 rocker off of Varage (shoutout to my friend C for picking it up in Tsawwassen for me!)

TOTAL: $565

Woo Hoo!









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