10 Quick Baby Tips We Had to Learn as First Time Parents (0-6 Months)

When I travel to other places and am forced to go without my phone, it is not the texting/ social media/ phone calls that I miss, it’s the ability to Google. I am a Google ADDICT and Google any random questions that pop into my head throughout the day. It was bad when I was pregnant (can I eat this ______? Is feeling ____ normal for this week of pregnancy? How big is our baby now? How about NOW?). Now that I am a mom, it is even WORSE…so much so that David said to me one time, “One day, our kids will ask, ‘did Mom raise us?’ and I’ll say, ‘no, Google did.'”

Here is a list of ten things we had to learn (either through Google, experience or advice from our family/ friends) as first time parents, that I want to share so that YOU don’t have to Google it.

10 Baby Quick Tips (0-6 Months):
*Note: These are our experiences with a bottle-fed, formula-fed baby*

  1. When your baby suddenly starts leaking through a bunch of diapers in a row (especially up the back), it’s time to move up a size.
  2. Coconut oil works wonders for cradle cap, dry skin, rashes, etc.
  3. When your baby starts chewing on the bottle nipple, it’s because they’re bored and it’s time to move up a level.
  4. In the early days, a sign that it may be time to up your baby’s milk intake is that they are not lasting as long as before between meals BUT increasing their intake does not necessarily mean they will go longer between feeds. Continued grunting/ poops in every diaper is NOT normal – it is also possible to overfeed your baby. (We did.)
  5. A great way to check the bath temperature (if you don’t have a bath water thermometer) is by putting your elbow in the water.
  6. When you administer medicine through a dropper, insert the dropper towards/ at the baby’s cheek so that the fluid is near their throat and they swallow it, instead of them spitting it all out.
  7. Splotchy & mottled skin/ sunken fontanels (soft spots on your baby’s head) means that your baby is dehydrated.
  8. A great place to check if your baby’s feeling hot/ cold is behind their neck. (A bonus for moms of boys: you can tell if your baby is cold if their testicles are tight/ small, and warm if they are loose!)
  9. The best way we have found to change a diaper is by putting the new, opened diaper under the old one before you get started – that way, when you open and take off the old one, the new one is ready to go. It is less messy and comes in very handy when pee suddenly starts coming at you. Also, use the front face of the old diaper (right as you open it) to do a preliminary wipe and save some wipes! Then wrap up all the wipes in the old diaper, like a little burrito, to save garbage space.
  10. When a baby keeps arching their back, it means they are gassy. A great way to help with gas is to burp halfway through a feeding and again at the end. Also, if your baby has trouble sleeping because of reflux/ gas, incline their bassinet/ crib with a wedge or pillow. Side note: We also took J to a baby chiropractor which helped a ton with gas (amongst other things)!

That’s all the wisdom we have for now!


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